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Parent Category - Parent category has now re-opened.

Selections of EOIs from the current queue from 14 November, and selections are planned for every three months after that. New EOIs will be selected by ballot with the first selection in August 2023.


The Parent  Category allows any New Zealand resident and citizen who has lived here for at least 3 years to sponsor their parent’s application for residence if they meet the sponsorship criteria.

The changes to the Parent Category include lowering the income threshold for sponsors and expanding the joint sponsorship arrangements to allow two adult children (siblings in most cases) to combine their income to meet the relevant threshold, rather than only their partner.

The Green List  below  provides a fast-track to Residence:
Construction roles
Engineering roles
Health and Social Services
Primary Industries and Science roles
ICT, Electronics and Telecommunications

Work to Residency

If you are working in any of the occupations below  and are eligible, you can apply for residence after 2 years working in New Zealand:

Health and Social Services
Teachers Secondary and pre - Primary
Trade roles

Skilled Migrant Category has now been re-opened.
Selections of expressions of interest (EOIs) for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa will resume on 9 November 2022. The long-term direction of the Skilled Migrant Category is being reviewed and there may be changes in the future. NOTE: In the selection on 9 November 2022, INZ will select all EOIs with at least 160 points. From 18 January 2023, EOIs will need to have at least 180 points to be selected.

Complete our visa assessment and allow us to tell you which option you will meet and what you then need to do to be able to apply.

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